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Soudabond Easy

• Bonding of various types of insulation panels onto roofs, walls and façades.
• Bonding of decorative elements in façade applications.
• Filling of cavities between insulation panels.

Base Single component Polyurethane
Consistency Stable Adhesive Foam - does not sag
Curing System Moisture Cure at room temperature
Skin Formation +/- 8 minutes (20°C/65% R.H.)
Can be trimmed +/- 40 minutes – 30mm adhesive bead
Drying time Dust free after ca 9 min. – 30mm adhesive bead
Full strength +/- 12 hours – 30mm adhesive bead
Post expansion Minimal
Heat Transmission (DIN 52612) About 0,036 W/(m·K)
Tear Strength (DIN EN 1607) 0,18 N/mm²
Shear Strength (DIN 53427) 0,12 N/mm²
Resistance to bending (DIN5342) 0,6 N/mm²
Resistance to pressure (ISO844) 0,3 N/mm²
Elongation at break About 25%
Water absorption (DIN53428) < 1%
Shrink < 3%
Fire Rating B2 (normal flammability)
Temperature Resistance -40°C until +90°C when cured
+120°C (until maximum 1 hour)
Yield +/- 12m² per can of 750ml – 30mm